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Kalpitiya Peninsula

Kalpitiya Peninsula Undisturbed by excess tourism and rich in its natural beauty, the Kalpitiya Peninsula is one hidden treasure of Sri-Lanka. Surrounded by sea the vast stretches of quiet beaches here are so peaceful and alluring at the same time. It just uplifts your soul. Kalpitiya is a peninsula set in between the deep lagoon […]

The Ceylon Coffee

Long before the tea evolution in the country the main crop development revolved around coffee. Coffee’s introduction to the country began with the Arabs planting coffee not for the berries but for the leaves. The country’s population ignorant back then of the quality of the beans used to use the leaves for cooking and to […]

The town of Ella

    Tired of the heat of the beaches and the chill of hills? Let’s head to Ella! This hidden idealistic country village lies in the southern edge of the country and just like its name it is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Ella is located approximately 200 kms east of Colombo and […]