The town of Ella


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Tired of the heat of the beaches and the chill of hills? Let’s head to Ella! This hidden idealistic country village lies in the southern edge of the country and just like its name it is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Ella is located approximately 200 kms east of Colombo and is situated at an elevation of 1,014 meters above sea level making the weather pleasant year-around. The town itself is a picturesque place with the hills surrounding Ella are all covered with farmland growing vegetables, tea plantations, and rice fields, all making the landscape very lush and green. The small peaceful town along the countryside offers spectacular views and walks through tea plantations to temples and waterfalls. On a clear day one can see you can see the glow from the lighthouse along the southern coastline.

There are a lot of places for accommodations from pocket friendly to pricey and you can also bargain at some places. A variety of cafe’s and fresh home cooking is available to entertain your food buds. Escaping the crowds and going downhill along the single street reaching the edge just below Grand Ella Hotel you will find the trek to Ella Rock starting on the right, it is a 4 hour trip and guides are mostly available if you want one, though you can bargain with them also about the price. Start early morning around 5ish pack your breakfast, take your water, wear proper shoes and keep something warm as the weather might get a little chilly and enjoy your breakfast the hilltop while watching the sunrise. Also through the hills you will find The Ella Gap, showing all the way down to the plains below. There is also a small Buddhist temple on that road to visit.

Another way to start your morning is a trek to Little Adam’s Peak. It is just opposite to the larger Ella Rock and you can start it by going down the Passara Road. It is a 2 hour trek and it is fairly easy for you to find your way around it. Along the way you get to see the magnificent view of the Rawana Ella Falls. These falls are an impressive sight as they plunge for some 90m over a series of rocks facing 6 km below Ella down the Wellanwaya Road. Enroute these falls you will come across the Rawana Ella Cave. The cave is nothing over the top except that it is laced with ancient Indian History.

Further past the Little Adam’s Peak turn-off, you will find the Newburgh Tea Factory. It was built in 1903 and now days are usually exclusively used for the production of green tea. You get to experience the various process and differences between teas and can also buy them as they are o sale. But if you want a far more in-depth experience of the tea process visit the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory. It’s a 15 mins drive from Ella and the largest in the area. It also is the more informative touring factory. Try going there in the mornings and it isn’t fully operational on Mondays.

So if you are tired of all the travelling Ella is a cosy, warm  and beautiful town to rejuvenate yourself!